Dan Newlin Highlights Service And Success

Dan Newlin Highlights Service And Success

Attorney Dan Newlin is one of those rare people who has proven himself a success in the business world and in the community he works within. Newlin has been a high profile personal injury attorney for a number of years in the Orlando area of Florida and recently expanded his practice to his hometown of Chicago. For Newlin the measure of success is not just measured by the courtroom victories he achieves, but also by the impact he can have on the community around him. The former firefighter has developed a number of charitable projects and foundations in Florida designed to help children in need achieve their dreams irregardless of low incomes or illness.

The Dan Newlin Miracle Project has been one of the top projects the legal expert can rightly feel proud of. In the area of personal injury law Dan Newlin has proved a success, but he has also done his part in inspiring children and young people to fight back against circumstances that leave them in difficult situations. Newlin worked with former World Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield in providing inspiration to a number of young cancer patients from the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital who heard the difficult story of Holyfield’s life and learned how he overcame the poverty of his youth to achieve success. Check out his firm’s Monster profile.

In his working life Dan Newlin has achieved a high level of success in the way he has moved through different careers, but remained focus on assisting those in need. The career of the attorney began with law enforcement and moved through the fire department before he became a qualified attorney and specialized in personal injury law. Dan Newlin has worked on difficult cases across a wide range of fields, including medical malpractice, personal injury and worker’s compensation. Now able to assist those in need in both Chicago and Florida, Dan Newlin is looking to extend the reach of his practice to help as many people in both communities as possible.


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