Daycare Provider Falls Ill: Mounties to the Rescue!

Daycare Provider Falls Ill: Mounties to the Rescue!

Imagine you own a daycare in suddenly feel so awful you are frightened for your health. You call 911 and the ambulance arrives and believes you must be taken to the hospital. It is near the end of the day and your helpers have already gone for the day, but there are still four sweet little tots entrusted to care. What would you do? That is exactly what happened to a daycare provider in Langford, B.C. who suddenly suffered a medical emergency with children in her care.

Thankfully the ambulance company had a quick thinking EMT who thought the quickest way to help both patient and toddlers was to call on the Vancouver Island Mounties for help. To the relief of the daycare provider and the delight of the little ones, three RCMP officers arrived to care for the four remaining children. Hmmmm three Mounties for one day care provider. Yes, three Mounties were called to care for only four children. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a full house.

These good spirited officers sat in bullet proof vests and played with the children, entertaining them with balloons, songs and of course everyone’s favorite, Pay-Doh.

Imagine being one of the parents arriving to pickup your child and find three officers there playing with the children and no provider about. They were sure to have felt a mix of emotions from surprise to concern, relief, amusement and of course, gratitude. These gentlemen have certainly redefined what it means to “protect and serve.”



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