Deserving Mom Wins Lottery by Accident

Deserving Mom Wins Lottery by Accident

Anyone who plays the lottery knows how much of a rush it can be. You purchase your ticket, check your numbers, and go through a period of highs and lows as the numbers are red. Most people chuck their luck up to fate. They have absolutely no control over what the numbers on a lottery ticket will be. The only control people have are when they pick the ticket themselves. One New Jersey mom didn’t have that luxury and, she ended up winning in the best way possible.

According to Reddit, the New Jersey mother of two decided to purchase a $1 lottery ticket. The clerk accidentally handed her a $10 one instead. The mom was too embarrassed to tell the clerk that she wanted the other one so instead, she purchased it. Good thing she did too. The woman won $5 million! The mother took the winnings split up. She plans to take her family on a vacation to the Bahamas and to make sure that her kids’ college tuitions are paid for.

It’s crazy to think how one small little decision changed everything. Who knows what would have happened if the woman would have spoken up and told the clerk she wanted the other one. Incidents like this sometimes show that something more than luck comes into play, sometimes it’s fate. The store that sold the winning ticket will receive some money. Many are wondering whether or not the New Jersey mom will give some of her winnings to the store clerk. After all, the clerk is the reason that she is %5 million richer.

The winner was actually very nonchalant about the whole thing. She said that she actually left the ticket in her book as a bookmark until she eventually decided to scratch it and see if she won.


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