Diet Coke Losses Position 2 to Pepsi

Diet Coke Losses Position 2 to Pepsi

Diet Coke is no longer the second favorite soft drink in the country after it was overtaken by Pepsi. This comes at a time when the consumption of sodas in America has gone down every year for the last ten years. The consumption of diet sodas has fallen faster than other sugary drinks. These statistics were released on Thursday by Beverage Digest. The statistics showed that in 2014, Diet Coke was no longer the 2nd favorite drink in America. However, Coke continues to be the most favorite soda selling twice as much as Pepsi.


Since 2004, the sale of sodas has been on a decline amid concern that sugary drinks contribute to weight gain. Pepsi has taken position two which was previously held by Diet Coke over the last few years. reports that the American Beverage Association, which represents Pepsi and Coke, will try to solve the main issues as to why people are shifting away from diet sodas. This will be done by funding studies aimed at educating people on the benefits of diet sodas.


Zeca Oliveira has learned that, despite the shift away from diet sodas in the country, the beverage industry performed better than last year growing by 1.7 percent. The growth was facilitated by a rise in bottled water sales.



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  1. No one wants the position two anyway seeing the significance in many cultures but not in this case where it means more money. However superiorpaper need to be done to convince more people that they need to worry about weight fain. This matter of weight gain causing most of the sickness and health issues need to be well known by the poorest among us because they are the most vulnerable.

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