Disease Won’t Hold A Beautiful Woman Back

Disease Won’t Hold A Beautiful Woman Back

Mikayla Holmgren lives in Los Angeles, California. Though she loves life to the fullest, her battle with Down’s syndrome has kept her back from a lot of things in life. What Mikayla likes to do the most is to parade around people in stunning outfits. She does not believe having this illness should hold her back from showing herself off in the best clothing in the world.

Mikayla Holmgren took her passion for parading in outfits to a new level this year. She applied to be in the Los Angeles Beauty Pageant. Mikayla was worried at first, but she did not let this get to her. Mikayla was recently praised on the morning news for being the first person with Down’s syndrome to compete in the Los Angeles Beauty Pageant. Family, friends, and even political leaders came to cheer her on.

The morning news hosts asked Mikayla how she handles the pressure of being in this pageant with her condition. Mikayla explained to the hosts that this is her passion. She also told them that when she is competing it is just her and the stage. She does not let the crowd or her competitors get to her at all. Mikayla Holmgren was startled when the morning news hosts showed her current results, which show that Mikayla is favored to win the pageant. Mikayla wept tears of happiness.

Every day Mikayla does her best to give back to the community that made her what she is today. She believes helping the city achieve its goals is the least she can do. Mikayla is hoping her courage will give hope to Down’s syndrome patients all over the world. She is even beginning a pageant that will be solely for women who have Down’s syndrome.


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