Doe Deere – Article recap

Doe Deere – Article recap

Ever wonder just how cosmetic queen and fashion diva, Doe Deere, keeps her complexion looking so dewy and young? Well, Helene Vlacho conducted an interview with the lovely Ms. Deere for her popular fashion/beauty blog entitled “Life, Style and Beauty Stories”. Now, Doe Deere founded, owns, and operates her own cosmetic company called Lime Crime and she and the company have been fixtures in the wide world of makeup for awhile now. Her notoriety is not without some controversy. You see, she does lean toward the bold and extravagant and only dances to the beat of her own drum, especially where color is concerned. After all, this Russian-born icon is not called the Unicorn Queen for being conservative! Her colorful line of lip colors, hair dyes, eyeshadows and much more are a huge success everywhere.


Morning Routine

So, what does she do every morning to maintain her beauty and her lifestyle? Well, it will all probably appear fairly normal to you in spite of her fame and notoriety. She starts her day by waking up at 8:30 am without the benefit of an alarm clock. Then she drinks a glass of water to counteract the dry climate in LA. She does a few stretching exercises before eating breakfast, which often includes fruit, grits, yogurt, and a glass of freshly squeezed OJ from her own backyard tree. Then, after chatting with her team at Lime Crime, checking Instagram, and answering a few emails, she starts her morning makeup routine by cranking up the music, which usually means playing her fave band, The Beatles.



Next, she gets started on her morning makeup routine. Since she showers mostly at night before bed, so her hair will be good and dry in the a.m., she just has to style it in her signature style, which includes those big soft curls. She gets them just perfect by using a curling iron. She never skips the all-important steps of cleansing her face and moisturizing, followed by applying foundation. Lime Crime isn’t selling foundation as of yet but it’s coming soon. Then, after setting her makeup, she fills in her brows and applies both lipstick and blush. She says that this is her favorite step because of the colors, which are usually pink or red. She finishes it all off by spending time with her two kitties before heading off to the office. Learn more:


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