Doe Deere’s Company Lime Crime Is Her Identity Displayed

Doe Deere’s Company Lime Crime Is Her Identity Displayed

Maybe you’ve heard of Lime Crime before and wonder why a company would sell cosmetics of such unusual colors. Well that’s because Lime Crime is really a work of art created by a big dreamer named Doe Deere who believes everyone should live their lives with unique lifestyles and embrace the way they are different instead of the way they’re the same as everyone else. Doe Deere found a love for colorful makeup and hair dye and wanted to share that with others, but she encourages her customers to find their own artistic expressions and share them. To her, it’s about being a real unicorn.

Doe Deere has lived in Russia and the US journeying from coast to coast. It was as a young girl that she started her art passion by designing and selling fake tattoos. She first came to the US to go to college, and while there she sang in a band. She had considered trying to become a hit pop singer but later abandoned that notion and decided to focus on cosmetics. While in the midst of cosmetology school, she began trying out different hair colors just for fun, and she even decided to put them on eBay. But before she knew it, she actually had customers demand more of her product so she decided to put out more and name it Lime Crime.

Doe Deere saw an opportunity to take her new hit cosmetics from New York City out to the celebrity world in Los Angeles and Hollywood, so that’s where she setup Lime Crime HQ. While Doe Deere has a full team working with her on Lime Crime products, she doesn’t sell any without having first used it. And as Doe Deere is a big animal lover, she readily assures her customers that her products don’t hurt animals.

Doe Deere really doesn’t look at what she does as a business even though it’s generated plenty of sales revenue. Instead, she sees it as her space to bring ideas to life and socialize while working in the Lime Crime lab. Lime Crime products are all sold online and can be found in certain stores that have partnered with the company. If you’re curious about new Lime Crime products hitting the market or want to know more about Doe Deere, you can follow her on Twitter @doedeere, or you can go to her Facebook page known as Official Doe Deere. Learn more:


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