Dog Sniffs Out Danger

Dog Sniffs Out Danger

Our canines friends have always been there for us through thick and thin. One St Bernard has gone above and beyond her duty in preserving the safety of her family. It seems this canine companion has sniffed out danger and gotten her family to safety before a deadly explosion happened.

The dog had apparently smelled natural gas long before it would have been apparent to the humans in the home. She woke her family and refused to allow them to go back to sleep. Her master, realizing that something was wrong, got up to investigate why the dog was so agitated.

It seems that the family had left a burner on on their stove and it was quickly filling the home with gas. Realizing the danger, the man called the fire department, and the home was soon cleared of the gas and made safe again.

The pooch has been credited with saving the family’s life says Zeca Oliveira in this post. She was also able to arouse the family cats who also joined in on mewing and agitating sleeping family members. These brave pets successfully assured the safety of the family.

Fire professionals have stated that in the worse scenario of this incidence, the house would have blown up and killed everyone. On a less dramatic note, it is also stated that another possible outcome was asphyxiation. That is one doggie that is well worth a steak dinner, her reward for saving her people.


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