Dogs Helping to Save Forests in Chile

Dogs Helping to Save Forests in Chile

In 2017, wildfires swept through the El Maule region of Chile. Over 100 separate wildfires were reported. These devastating fires destroyed one million acres of forest, and they caused well over $300 million in damages.

In order to repair the damage that was done due to the wildfires, teams of people and drones have been working to reseed portions of the forest. While these efforts are working, three border collies are the most effective team in bringing life back to the forests of Chile.

Francisca and Constanza Torres are two sisters who train dogs. They own three border collies whose names are Das, Summer and Olivia. These three dogs have been trained by the sisters to help replant the wildfire devastated forests of Chile.

Each of the border collies has a specially designed backpack that carries seeds. The dogs run through the damaged areas of the forest. As the dogs make their way through the damaged areas, seeds are released from the backpacks.

When the each of the dogs’ backpacks is empty, the sisters provide water, treats, rest and play for the three border collies. Then, the backpacks are refilled, and the dogs are off once again.

The dogs are able to cover about 18 miles per day. This is much more than can be covered by a team of humans or a drone. The sisters pay for most of the expenses out of the their own pockets because they want to contribute to the restoration of the forest. They also enjoy seeing their dogs having fun and being useful at the same time.

The efforts of the sisters and their three dogs is really paying off. In the areas were they have been replanting, the seeds are growing, and the forest is starting to come back to life.


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