Dogs Looking for Fur-ever Homes on Tinder

Dogs Looking for Fur-ever Homes on Tinder

We live in a society where people generally feel lonely when they’re not connected with others. That’s why more and more online dating apps are popping up every day. People are looking for friends, love, and just general companionship. When it comes to looking for love, most people find themselves on Tinder. Tinder is an app where you can swipe yes or no to different users, most of them human. It seems that one animal rescue in Georgia is using Tinder to find love for one of their pooches.

According to Reddit, Miranda Morrison put a picture of Henry, one of the shelter dogs, on Tinder. She created him a little bio which probably is better than most of the other ones anyways. The bio features a cute picture of Henry with his tongue hanging out along with the caption “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” Morrison said the reason she put the dog up on Tinder is that he is one of her favorite shelter dogs and she wants to see him find a good home.

It’s actually a pretty genius idea. Nowadays so many people are on Tinder. A dog might be just what they need to fill the loneliness. Also, it appears that quirky little things like a Tinder profile are just what a dog needs to get adopted. Henry’s profile was posted on December 29 and since then, he’s had 14 matches. Morrison even posted conversations that he’s had with ladies. In one post he said “Hello Hoooouman! I wrote you a poem.”

This is a great way to get dogs adopted and it’s something that other shelters should also utilize. Tinder gets dogs noticed by new groups of people who may have never seen them otherwise. A few other dogs and cats posted on Tinder have found their forever homes.


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