Dominos Delivery Girl Receives Tip from Chicago Church of Over $1800

Dominos Delivery Girl Receives Tip from Chicago Church of Over $1800

On February 25, a Dominos delivery driver in Humboldt Park in Chicago received the surprise of her life when she delivered a pizza to the New Covenant Christian Church on Sunday morning. The pastor of the church, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús, was in the midst of the service when he ordered a pizza to make his point.

He had been teaching on honoring people in their every day lives, and he challenged his people to do that. Pastor De Jesus used a tangible example when he ordered a pizza, and when the pizza arrived, he had the delivery person bring the pizza up to the podium at the front of the church.

The delivery person was Monique, and she had no idea what was about to happen. When she got up to the pastor with the pizza, he gave her a $100 bill as a tip! But, that was not all; he invited the congregation to also join in and tip this young person.

As Monique stood there, she was overwhelmed with gratitude. Within moments, this generous outpouring of God’s love moved through the congregation as they added to the pastor’s tip. Before long, she had a basket that was full of “tips.”

As destiny would have it, the young lady was a single parent who had been struggling with her bills, just making ends meet. Monique was overwhelmed and extremely touched, and she felt so loved by them, she couldn’t stop crying as she walked out of the church. Not only did she have the basket filled with over $1,800 in tips, but she also had a bible, a gift bag, and a prayer from the generous church. This was one delivery that Monique would never forget!


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