Donation Allows for 11 Million Acres of New National Parks

Donation Allows for 11 Million Acres of New National Parks

There are few pure and natural areas in the world that are safe from the destruction that comes from industrialization, and those locations are known as national parks. These parks, protected by their respective governments, are safe havens for the adventurous and curious spirits who love the outdoors. Home to millions of different animal species, and recreational tourists, the parks are a treasure to behold. Thanks to a very generous donation from the Thompkins Foundation, there are now 11 million more acres of these paradises.

This foundation was started by former CEO of Patagonia, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, and her late husband, Doug Tompkins. It has always been dedicated to the conservation of the beauty that is mother nature, especially in Patagonia. There were struggles with finalizing the donation, as they were suspected to be possible CIA spies trying to gain access to the Chilean government. However, after years of gaining Chile’s trust, they were finally able to make the largest private donation to land ever given. The donation allowed for the creation of five new parks and added acreage to many other existent parks.

This dedication of natural land not only helps the wonder that is the World, it will help the economy of Chile by an increase in eco-tourism. This is estimated to create $270 million per year in revenue and 40,000 new jobs. It’s a win-win for the economy and the ecosystem.

It is heartwarming to see such efforts at maintaining the purest architecture in the world. Who knows what it might look like without these parks allowing for complete freedom of nature, and it is imperative to try what we can to preserve them. With these conservation attempts, we know it’s always possible to escape the busy world with a little getaway to the great national parks.


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