Dr. Mark McKenna Discusses His Business On Forbes

Dr. Mark McKenna Discusses His Business On Forbes

Dr. Mark McKenna is no ordinary doctor. He is also a businessman and entrepreneur. Mr. McKenna was also a real estate investor and developer in his hometown of New Orleans. He spoke to Forbes recently about his plans to bring an on demand business model to medical procedures such as Botox. Here are some of the highlights of the interview.

The focus of Dr. Mark McKenna’s new business is to be customer-centric. He wants to provide convenience and high-quality service in the field of aesthetic medicine. Botox is popular now for cosmetics, anti-aging and pain relief. Dr. McKenna’s goal is to be able to provide Botox shots on-demand. It should be as simple as getting an Uber drive.

The name of the new startup launched by Dr. Mark McKenna is called OVME. It may seem like a very generic or bland name at first. There is a deep meaning behind it, however. It is meant to be a play on the word of me. Mark McKenna believes that his business could easily be integrated into an app. That is another reason why he chose a simple and easy to remember name such as OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna has already received some serious funding to the tune of four million dollars to launch his new cosmetic medical business. The investment was made by Equity 38, an investment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. That is also where Mark and his family reside.

Dr. Mark Mckenna knows that it will be tough to get a new venture started. He is confident that he can grow his business to over $25 million a year in revenue over the next five years, though. Mark states that his primary competition will be local practitioners that provide Botox injections. He does not see a national player doing what he is planning to do.

The model for OVME will be based on Uber and Airbnb. Practitioners will be recruited via the internet and through gatherings of cosmetic surgeons. The goal is to convince them that they can join the company and make money in their spare time by giving Botox injections. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that even physician assistants and nurse practitioners can qualify to give these shots.




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