Dr. Mark McKenna Is Creating Something New In Healthcare With OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Creating Something New In Healthcare With OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna has been practicing medicine for more than a decade. This is how he is able to successfully combine his business ideas with aesthetic-wellness attached for great success. Mark went in the medical direction mostly due to his father already being in the medical field and Mark wanted to have the same level of success. Unfortunately, Mark has seen up close the kind of decline in the level of success that physicians have experienced over the years, and Mark decided he would get into business to achieve the kind of success he wanted. In order to save enough money to start up his own company, Dr. Mark McKenna spent years working under his father as well as moonlighting at correctional facilities. He was able to invest the majority of this money and he started up his own real estate business known as Mckenna Venture in 1999.

Dr. Mark McKenna ended up losing this business to hurricane Katrina, but he still had the money to work on investing in New Orleans properties and selling them off for profit. This allowed Mark to save money and move to Atlanta to start on his next business idea.

In 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna started off OVME. This company is focused on the consumers and uses the latest technology and services in aesthetic wellness to provide an experience people have not yet seen in healthcare. OVME was named specifically to help customers feel like the focus is on them and their experience, which it is. OVME’s app allows all customers to search for treatments and product they want to have delivered right to their home without needing to go to a doctors office. Mark has stated that he got the idea for OVME after spending a decade in the aesthetic industry and noticing all the opportunities that were left open to dig into the industry.



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