Dr. Mark McKenna’s Successful Venture into Business

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Successful Venture into Business

Dr. Mark McKenna went to Tulane Medical School. While going through his studies, he used to confess that he would be tough to ensure that he makes money as a doctor. This motivation caused him to venture into real estate industry in New Orleans after completing his studies in 1999. Unfortunately, things went wrong when he was struck overnight, and he lost all his investment money in 2005. He dissolved the company and moved on to Atlanta where he opened ShapeMed Company. This chain office provided all cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, nutrition and weight counseling, and laser hair removal. Along the way, Dr. Mark McKenna sold the business in 2015 to a company that was run as a gym chain called Lifetime Fitness and joined the staff members though he did not stay there for long.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna is aged 43 years, and he is working on a new venture called OVME. The new venture is eyed to open more doors in business from next year. McKenna’s vision in this is to have a national chain of reliable cosmetic medical offices through an app that will work like an Uber for all the Botox patients all over. This means that using OVME’s app; clients will be connected or linked to freelance practitioners. They are expected to be faithful and trustworthy in making house calls on demand. Through an interview, Dr. Mark McKenna explains the reasons why he shifted his career from medicine to business ventures.

He begins by saying that what drove him into medicine in the first place was the fact that he saw how physicians seemed to live useful lives and drove good cars. However, his father used to have issues as a doctor, and that is why for him he decided to begin a business to cater for the bills. He started buying real estate while in school. His current idea is to build a brand in the retail medical aesthetics in the world. The industry will have different departments with different practitioners; it will have plastic surgeons and dermatologists. They will focus on excellent communication with clients, which may entail emailing patients and such.



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