Dr. Scott M Rocklage Doing Great Things in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Scott M Rocklage Doing Great Things in the Pharmaceutical Industry

5AM Venture capitalists are risk-takers who finances small startups with the hope that they will be profitable in future. Currently, there are many profitable ventures in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market, and Dr. Scott Rocklage knows this better than anyone else. Dr. Scott works as a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures, and initially, he joined the firm as a venture capitalist back in 2003.


Dr. Rocklage has over three decades experience in the pharmaceutical sector, having held executive positions for several corporations in the industry. These include being the CEO and Chairman at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, President, and CEO at Nycomed Salutar as well as several R & D posts at Catalytica and Salutar. He also has a strong educational background with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT. During his career, Dr. Scott has developed over 30 patents and is most known for his success when the FDA approved U.S new drugs application including Cubicin®, Omniscan™, and Teslascan®


During a recent interview at Ideamensch, Dr. Scott shed some light regarding his career at 5AM Ventures. When asked about where he got the idea for his business, Scott expressed that the name 5AM was synonymous with the company’s mission in developing firms during their early stages. Scott further conveyed that in his line of work, he does not have a specific schedule to follow and that the day’s activities vary from one day to the next. This includes working on scientific matters on some days while other days he is occupied with managerial duties or attending board meetings.


When Dr. Scott was asked how he brought his ideas to life, he explained that he teamed up with other professionals including researchers, doctors, and business executives and together they created new drugs with the potential to treat unmet medicinal needs. He also explains that as an entrepreneur, one has to have apt time management, organization, as well as ability to prioritize things and by so doing they will be more productive. Dr. Scott further elucidates his profound excitement with the way distinct genotypes have been targeted resulting in unique cancer treatments that will ultimately extend and save lives.


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