Drake Shows Sense of Humor in Pusha-T Battle

Drake Shows Sense of Humor in Pusha-T Battle

In the rap world, it’s not uncommon for people to come after Aubrey “Drake” Graham. After all, ever since the infancy of hip-hop, rap battles have always played a role in the community. And the release of Pusha-T’s album has already been controversial, with the rapper stepping in to parrot some frequently repeated rumors about Drake, who is the currently reigning king of rap. Mentioning the possibility that Drake has a love child, as well as repeating the often cited rumor that Drake may have ghostwriters, Pusha has truly amped up the rhetoric this time around.


And some are wondering if perhaps some of the commentary can be attributed to the influence of Kanye West, who is serving as a producer on Pusha’s album. West already made a wildly controversial decision for Pusha-T’s album cover, paying $80,000 for the rights to a picture of fallen diva Whitney Houston’s drug-addled hotel bathroom. After the release of the artwork, some members of the Houston family stepped forward to claim that they found the artwork reprehensible. However, it is doubtful that West took this into consideration when creating the piece. As a frequent cultural provocateur, he is used to having the spotlight on him for reasons that aren’t always so honorable. And, as is often the case with West, some came to his defense while stating that the picture was a representation of the grimy underbelly of a seemingly glamorous industry.


With West in his corner, it seems likely that Pusha-T will only continue to increase the attacks on Drake. However, the joke may be on him. In a recent playful moment, Drake sent a fake bill to Pusha-T for “promotional assistance” and career revival. Posting the bill on his wildly popular Instagram account, he captioned it “You’re welcome.”


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