Drone Operator Aids Man in Saving Brother From Flood

Drone Operator Aids Man in Saving Brother From Flood

The Southeastern region of the United States got a visit from Hurricane Matthew last week that left many areas feeling the devastation in it’s wake. Not only was it difficult for those who had to endure the storm and the damages, but it was also difficult for those who live outside of the area and had to wait to hear news about their loved one’s after the storm passed.


According to the story posted on CBSnews.com, one man, Craig Williams, accidentally found out his brother’s status after the storm by a photo taken by a drone that was then posted on Twitter. Craig, who lives in Texas, was in contact with his brother Chris who lives in Hope Mills, North Carolina after the storm. He knew that Chris was safe, but that Chris was trapped in his home due to flooding. What he did not know what how severe the situation was. Craig started scrolling through pictures with the hashtag #HopeMills and found a picture of a severely flooded neighborhood. To cheer his brother up, he sent Chris the picture saying at least he didn’t live there. Turns out that not only was it a picture of Chris’s neighborhood, Chris’s house was in the picture. Many of the houses in the picture have only the second story visible. The Navy Vet was trapped on the second floor of his Hope Mills home with his dog who could not swim.


The brothers contacted local authorities for help but were told that due to the severity of the flooding, no one would be able to get out to Chris for some time. Craig decided to reach out to the man on Twitter with the drone that took the picture of Chris’s flooded neighborhood. He told the man that his brother was trapped in the home with his dog and asked if he could help. The photographer contacted FEMA crew nearby and Chris, along with his dog Lana, were quickly rescued.


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