Earth Smiles at Portugal for Making Carbon Footprints Disappear

Earth Smiles at Portugal for Making Carbon Footprints Disappear

Portugal deserves a thank-you letter. And Earth should write it. The country became the first to ever produce more electricity through renewable sources in a month than it consumed in that month. Hopefully, this feat will inspire other major countries to follow in Portugal’s footsteps.

According to Michael J. Coren of Quartz Media, the South American nation’s transmission system operator, REN, reported that the production of renewable energy for March was approximately 103 percent of total consumption.

Portugal is doing more than just reducing its carbon footprint. It’s as if the country is riding a hoverboard. Looking at last month alone, there’s no trace of a single footprint. Better yet, the country is aiming to totally eliminate the electricity sector’s emissions of greenhouse gases by the year 2040.

With worries about global warming at an all-time high, other countries can respond by better learning to use natural sources of energy such as water and wind. Portugal’s success has come with decades of hard work and investments.

It’s time to start judging countries based on their commitments to ensuring that Earth is a livable planet for countless generations to come. Germany has already promised to make sure renewable sources comprise no less than 80 percent of its total electricity supply by the year 2050. Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are all flirting with the 100-percent mark at times.

America, meanwhile, hangs around the 25-percent mark. If the country doesn’t catch up soon, Earth might need to send it a reminder letter.


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