Education Concerns Head A Long List Of Philanthropic Concerns For Betsy DeVos

Education Concerns Head A Long List Of Philanthropic Concerns For Betsy DeVos

The life of Betsy DeVos will probably always be linked to the education reform movement she has played an integral role in for a number of decades, but the philanthropic and business work of this Michigan native has a far longer reach than simply the concerns she has for the education of young U.S. citizens. Like most people, I have mostly been aware of the education reform work completed by Betsy DeVos over the course of the last couple of decades of the 20th century and the first years of the 21st century; being nominated to become the Secretary of State of Education will surely be the pinnacle of the career of Mrs. DeVos in seeking to bring about the required change needed to make the U.S. education system a success for all.

I understand the many hours of hard work needed each week for Betsy DeVos to remain up to date on the latest changes and updates in the U.S. education system, but she has always looked to do much more to help the community around her in any way possible than just focus on education. One of the most influential areas of interest for Betsy is, I believe, the concern she has expressed for conservative causes that can be aided by her many years of hard work developing the Republican Party in the state of Michigan. Born in Holland, Michigan and now residing in the Grand Rapids area, I understand how many changes Betsy must have seen in the area that have driven her to try and make political changes to aid the often struggling economy of the region; I was amazed to discover Betsy has served as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party on two occasions during periods when she was also dedicated to extending the cause of education reform.

Working alongside her husband, the former President and CEO of the AmWay Group Dick DeVos has given Betsy the opportunity to explore different areas of business and philanthropy. I was impressed with the decision by Betsy and Dick DeVos to form their own investment group, The Windquest Group, which was established in 1989 as a way for the DeVos family to continue investing in companies and causes that shared their own beliefs on various different aspects of life. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation the couple have looked to develop a range of philanthropic options for themselves, including the development of charter schools across Michigan they hope will provide a better education option over the traditional public school system; Betsy has also looked to remain true to her faith as a committed Calvinist who has often spoken of her own belief, shared with Dick DeVos, that a return to traditional American values is required.


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