English soccer champions link up with Vijay Eswaran and QNet

English soccer champions link up with Vijay Eswaran and QNet

The multi level marketing experts at the QI Group have pulled off a coup by announcing a link up with the English soccer champions Manchester City. QI group founder Vijay Eswaran appeared at an event at the Etihad Stadium home of the 2014 Premier League champions to announce a tie up that will allow merchandise from the English club to be sold and offered through QNet. The QNet Group is one of the most successful direct selling companies in Asia and has recently been extending its reach to many different areas of the world, including Europe and South America in a bid to create an even more impressive business model.

Eswaran is a well known face to many around the world because of his extensive self help writings and seminars, which are offered to both employees of his company and the general public. The multi level marketing expert, Vijay Eswaran,  is also the author of a number of books designed to assist people to find the right level of focus in their lives as they look to achieve the most they can in both their business and personal lives. Under the guidance of Vijay Eswaran the QI Group and QNet have grown to become major direct selling forces in the industries of luxury goods and beauty products.

The link to Manchester City FC will be used by both companies to raise their profiles in different areas of the world with the soccer team keen to grow their brand across Asia and South America. QNet and Vijay Eswaran will also benefit from the link as they will be given a major boost in profile in the UK and across the world where English Premier League games are broadcast on the TV. However, for Vijay Eswaran the link up with Manchester City is about more than simply expanding his brand across Europe and the world. Eswaran is well known across Asia for his philanthropic works and hopes to find the best ways to expand his own charitable work and that of Manchester City as they set off on a partnership covering many different areas of work. For more on Vijay Eswaran check him out on social media, Twitter Facebook.


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