Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Page Does Not Exist Yet

Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Page Does Not Exist Yet

The Wikipedia page for Equities First Holdings (EFH) does not exist, however, Equities Group Holdings does and comes up in search results for Equities First. If they are the same company, Google and Wikipedia need to be informed.

Equities Group Holdings’ page includes information about a variety of headings, including History, Ownership, and Board of Directors, though Equities First Holdings is not listed among them. These would be topics that would be very interesting and informative to cover in an Equities First Holdings Wikipedia page. Of further interest is that “Equities First Holdings” entered into Google returns “Equities First Holdings Scandal”, which has been featured by both marketwired.com and sharedprophets.com

An open letter to FCA and AIM heads concerning a dumping of holdings by EFH from CBUY would be likely to feature as the centerpiece of a Wikipedia article– the rules of the FCA and AIM and their responses as organizations sandwiching information about the actual misconduct forming the alleged scandal, and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Other than a brief introductory section defining what it is the EGH is supposed to do, with appropriate hyperlinks to other relevant Wikipedia pages, and the scandal with CBUY and the FCA and AIM regulations, a History of the Company and list of officers would fill up a Wikipedia page informatively and accessibly without going too deeply into the kind of up to the minute information on stocks and trading and loans featured by news outlets, and resume them.


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