Fabletics’ Don Ressler’s Unending Strides in Functional and Fashionable Women Sportswear Creation

Fabletics’ Don Ressler’s Unending Strides in Functional and Fashionable Women Sportswear Creation

Fabletics under the able leadership of Don Ressler, who partnered with Adam Goldenberg has by far managed to take the women sportswear to another level. It has been able to set itself apart from its competition by managing to bridge the gaps between fashionable, affordable sportswear and functionality of the same. Ideally, Fabletics has enabled women to look and feel great without breaking the bank in their quest for healthier living.

They shifted their primary focus to the woman’s needs and views on the sportswear she deemed fit rather than blindly producing similar material as other providers who focus on economic returns. Upon carrying out several consumer tests, they were able to determine that expensive, ill-fitting sportswear was a shared problem among many women. Fabletics now had a clear-cut vision of what their products were to achieve.

The manufacturing process was however not a smooth sail for the company given the challenges encountered such as difficulty in accessing finances more so in its early stages. It was also quite tasking to develop functional yet fashionable high quality, affordable sportswear but Ressler’s undeterred focus saw this whole vision through.

Kate Hudson was then brought in as a confound to push the branding and marketing of the products. Her excellent skills in customer relations and communication coupled with her online presence allowed many women to relate to the product through her. Her familiar and friendly face in addition to her charming and charismatic personality took sportswear online marketing to a new height and allowed Fabletics to break through the masses with their products.

Not willing to stop there, Fabletics moved to introduce a discount pricing system which accompanies the online sales system. Moreover, signing up for Fabletics VIP at a monthly fifty dollar fee allows receipt of clothing at a discount, free shipping plus reward points on all purchases. Their engaging and appealing website that suggests clothing options for the women via a quiz improves the entire customer experience leaving a more satisfied clientele that can make referrals to more people, growing the business further eventually.

Focused on constant improvement, Don Ressler points out that Fabletics aims to bring on board the wants and needs of the plus size woman who intends to feel comfortable and look great while keeping fit and healthy. They seek to do this by creating quality sportswear for the plus size woman beginning 2017.

Find out more about Don Ressler: http://www.businessinsider.com/justfab-becomes-techstyle-fashion-group-2016-8


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