Faith in Humanity Restored After Rock Collection Stolen

Faith in Humanity Restored After Rock Collection Stolen

During times of darkness, it’s good to be reminded in the kindness of strangers. This is especially true when you are a young child. It really sets the tone for how you view the world if people you don’t even know come to your rescue. That’s exactly what happened to 13-year-old Judah Tyreman in Canada.

At just 13, Judah already has his own little business. He runs a rock museum where anyone who wants to can come out and see his rare collection of rocks, gems, fossils, and more. He takes a lot of pride in running this little museum and it’s basically his whole heart and soul. Unfortunately, someone recently tried to take that all away from him.

Judah arrived at the museum and immediately he knew something was wrong when he saw some rocks and jewelry scattered around outside. Someone had broken in overnight and stole a good chunk of his collection. They also caused damages. Luckily, Judah didn’t have to be heartbroken for long.

According to Reddit, strangers from all over North America stepped in to help Judah rebuild his collection. No one wanted to see a 13-year-old who worked so hard lose everything to a burglar. People from as far away as New Mexico sent rocks, monetary donations, and more to help him rebuild. One museum even donated their duplicated rocks to help out Judah.

Judah’s GoFundMe page also quickly raised over $7,000. This is because it’s rare when you see someone have such a passion for something so positive. Judah loves rocks but he also loves making people happy and that’s why he chose to have the museum on display. To be robbed of that at such a young age was heartbreaking to so many people. People in Radisson also love checking out this local rock museum. They didn’t want it to go away. That’s why people realized that by donating just a few bucks, they could save a young boy’s dream and restore his faith in humanity.


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