Family Bond Reunites and Supports Five Siblings in a US Nursing Home

Family Bond Reunites and Supports Five Siblings in a US Nursing Home

The special family bond between Mallia siblings couldn’t be broken. It survived the normal separations when the girls of the family got married. It endured the troubles of running a family business and didn’t die out when some of the 11 siblings moved away. “It was our family’s enduring bond that inspired five of the remaining siblings to move to the same nursing home,” the eldest sibling was heard to say when interviewed by US Today.


This special bond helps the siblings see to medical needs and keep spirits up during times of stress. The support received by the Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick Centre for Living convinced Carmen Wesala to persuade her younger brother and sisters to join her there. Mary Cena was the first to take her up on the offer after suffering the loss of her husband. It did take two years for the other two sisters to make the decision to move to the facility.


When Lawrence Mallia, the baby brother of the family noticed how well his sisters were getting along at the Centre he decided to join them. It did take a lot of persuasion because Mr. Mallia didn’t want to leave his home just yet. Spending time with his sisters at the Centre and getting to know the staff is what finally persuaded him to “take the plunge” and move to the Centre himself.


For all the Mallia siblings having the family close together is priceless. The joy of being able to spend quality time surrounded by family and friends is a perfect remedy for the blues.


It is truly special to be able to have that time together with family.


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