Fashion Icon and Equestrian Honored For Animal Welfare

Fashion Icon and Equestrian Honored For Animal Welfare

According to a posting on the American Humane Society website, the organization held its annual To The Rescue! New York gala. This year, it was celebrated on November 18th at Cipriani, says the article. Each year, this gala is presented to honor the rescue efforts of the society. For decades, the Humane Society has worked around the world to protect animals against abuse, neglect, and natural disasters, says the article.


The honorees for the 2016 event were renowned philanthropist Georgina Bloomberg, and Hugo Boss, a premier house of fashion. Hugo Boss has been committed to animal-friendly fashion alternatives and sustainable business strategies. They received the Corporate Consciousness Award. For her perpetual work for animal welfare, Bloomberg was honored with the Compassion in Action Award, the article explained.


It is easy to see why Hugo Boss was a company that the Humane Society chose to honor. The article says that this fashion giant uses humane alternatives for their clothes, such as faux fur and faux leather. They have humane standards when it comes to down feathers or wool. They refuse vendors who practice cruelty for the sake of fashion materials. Hugo Boss does not test on animals, nor do they buy from suppliers who do, says the article. They are a shining example to present and future fashion businesses to reject animal cruelty and to embrace sustainable materials. Being kind is the new trend in luxury, the article says.


Georgina Bloomberg is a personal example of how one person can speak on behalf of the animals. Many people are familiar with her books and philanthropic efforts. She is a seasoned equestrian and a vocal advocate of animal rights, the article says. Bloomberg is instrumental in several shows and foundations that feature horses. As a young person, she started the Rider’s Closet to collect riding clothing and gear for therapeutic programs and young equestrians in need.


Bloomberg was the first person to volunteer to chair the society’s Equine Protection Council in 2011, the article explains. Not only does she advocate for horses, but she also works for the rights of animals in shelters. She also campaigns against puppy mills, as co-founder of the society’s Friends of Finn. Bloomberg has been involved in To the Rescue! New York for several years to share her commitment to animal welfare issues, the article says.



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