Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Public-Private Partnership for Water Treatment

Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Public-Private Partnership for Water Treatment

Brazilian businessman Felipe Montoro Jens recently sat down for an interview with the Brazilian news portal Terra to talk about a new movement to recruit the private sector to improve basic sanitation in Brazil. According to Jens, the Brazilian development bank (BNDES) has announced a partnership with the government which allow them to take on corporate partners to improve the quality of water treatment and the water supply.


According to Edison Carlos, head of non-profit organization Treat Brazil and one of Montoro Jens’ associates in the new project, such partnerships will improve the quality of water treatment in Brazil as well as improve the management of waterworks operations and reduce waste. Montoro Jens points out that at present 90% of basic sanitation services in the country are provided by public agencies, mostly at the state at local level.


Felipe Montoro Jens makes it clear that private-sector involvement does not preclude the public sector from continuing to play an essential role. Instead, it is an opportunity for government to use the greater resources that the private sector has at its disposal in order to improve the quality of water treatment. In addition, the private sector has more advanced technology that would allow it to reduce waste, saving valuable wasted water and cutting costs.


Felipe Montoro Jens holds a degree in business from the Getulio Vargas Foundation and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Business. A lifelong businessman, Montoro Jens has a keen interest in real estate and international financial markets.


Montoro Jens is also an expert in infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships. He is sought-after as an expert on development matters throughout Brazil and internationally. He is a firm believer in the power of the public and private sectors to accomplish more through cooperation, accountability, and innovative approaches to longstanding problems.




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