Fifth Grader Saves Schoolmate from Choking

Fifth Grader Saves Schoolmate from Choking

A Virginia fifth grader became a real-life hero to his classmate when he saved her from choking. During lunchtime at Greenwood Elementary School, Benjamin Ford noticed that his friend was turning colors and struggling to breathe. Although he was nervous, he immediately sprung to her aid. Benjamin stated: “I wasn`t really calm, my heart was racing; I just knew I had to help her.”

In a situation in which many people would shudder with fear and uncertainty, Ben realized that he had to act quickly, considering that “in a couple of seconds she might not make it.” Even in this scary moment, Benjamin knew exactly what to do. He recalled techniques that he observed in a documentary which he saw with his mother some years ago.

Greenwood administrators lauded Ben as a hero and shared the news of this life-saving event with the school. Ben’s parents remarked of how proud they were of how speedily Ben responded to the dire situation and grateful that he thought of the documentary. When Ben’s parents first heard of their son’s bravery, they assumed that the life saved was in a video game. Upon learning that this was no game, they were stunned and amazed.

The would-be choking victim hugged Ben and thanked him profusely. The next day, Ben’s parents awarded him by allowing him to choose a video game and see the Black Panther movie. None of them could have predicted that what Ben learned beside his mother a few years ago would avert a potentially unfortunate situation for his schoolmate.



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