Finance Law and its Role in the Money Markets

Finance Law and its Role in the Money Markets

Sam Tabar is one of the biggest names mentioned in the field of Financial Law today. His successful career has been strengthened by his expertise in hedge funds and investments. His career in financial law has helped in offering solutions to global banking and corporate problems. To succeed in this filed requires an individual to be familiar with the various laws that are associated with capital markets as well as financial institutions.

As an attorney in financial law, areas of interest include bankruptcy, taxation, insolvency, amalgamations, acquisitions, securities, and bonds among other legal financial frameworks. In the absence of law and order, chaos are inevitable and this is true even in the financial market. For this reason, finance law is considered very essential. It maintains law and order in the industry and mostly, it ensures that players are allowed to operate in a fairly competitive environment.

Finance law protects investors and companies as well as their financial interests. There are some business practices that if allowed they can hinder competition. Finance law helps in neutralizing such practices through provision of operating policies. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competition was created to offer solutions in cases of unfair competition.

Finance laws such as the Bankruptcy Law are necessary in the financial market. This law allows business owners to get more time in case they are unable pay their creditors. In case an investor or a business has filed for bankruptcy, it means that he or she acknowledges their obligation to pay. However, the court may stop creditors from claiming their debts if the business is declared bankrupt.

Financial regulation is very important in the world today owing to the growing and sophisticated global economy. Finance law helps in shaping the economy hence facilitating growth. In order to determine the strength of an economy, the major point of observation is its financial capabilities. For big economies, financial transactions need to be guided by policies set forth to create harmony in the financial market.

Finance laws are there to keep the flow of money in check and protect the economy from factors that can lead to bankruptcy such as inflation. It must be noted that in the money market, just like any other, market there will be defaulters. When individuals or companies act against or fail to comply with the set regulations, finance laws are applied to subject them to trial.


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