Firefighter Watches Rescued Girl Receive Her High School Diploma

Firefighter Watches Rescued Girl Receive Her High School Diploma

If you love a good, heartwarming story, you should definitely go ahead and pull out the Kleenex right now.

A recent article posted on described how 17 years ago, firefighter Mike Hughes, 61, rescued a 9 month old little girl named Dawnielle Davison from a home that was on fire. This year, he was able to watch her accept her high school diploma at her graduation ceremony.

In the article, Hughes chronicles the events of many years ago by saying that it was basically pure instinct that led him to the room in the house where Davison lay squirming in her crib. Hughes then says that he quickly picked her up and handed her over to another firefighter on the premises so that he could continue the work of extinguishing the flames.

Fast forward several years later: Davison crosses Hughes mind and he wonders how she’s getting along. A simple Facebook message from Hughes to Davison reconnected the two, allowing them to keep in touch and even attend the same events from time to time.

I think it’s wonderful that these two managed to stay connected in a world that can be so hectic. The folks at Freedompop understand that it’s so easy to forget the sacrifices of another individual on your behalf. When Davison invited Hughes to her graduation, it was a resounding, “Thank you.”


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