Flavio Maluf Announces Exciting New Business Deal

Flavio Maluf Announces Exciting New Business Deal

Flavio Maluf announced that Eucatex has acquired from Duratex the unit of wood fiber sheets located in the city of Botucatu (SP). With this acquisition, Eucatex will increase the productive capacity of fiber sheets by 70%, 30% of the paint capacity and 40% of paper printing. The company will be able to better plan our sales, maintenance and reduce process losses.

In addition, Eucatex will strengthen presence in markets where we they are not currently operating in Brazil and abroad. This acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals (Cade), so they will wait until its approval. From then on they will begin gradually to capture the synergies of all the Group’s units.

Many product opportunities, direct and indirect jobs will be opened from the incorporation of this plant to Eucatex further consolidating the position there and abroad in all the markets they operate.

Productivity while working is a vital factor for good success according to Flavio Maluf. It gives you a great character and delivers great results and a job well done, of course. Moments such as the end of the year, however, may derail the diligent dedication to the toil, due to the fatigue and stress accumulated during the previous months and the festive atmosphere of the time. Here are some of his favorite productivity tips. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

1- Never lose focus

Flavio Maluf warns that according to the theories of David Pinto, it is a more difficult mission than one imagines, but one must be firm. Losing focus has often disastrous implications – the accumulation of tasks, therefore, the reduction of time to accomplish each one of them; often the delay of delivery times and the total panic and despair of the professional in question. The ideal is to organize – stipulate daily, weekly and monthly goals and try to follow exactly what was planned.

2- Be open to new methodologies

What sometimes generates low income is precisely the lack of them, the methodologies, in professional activities – this is one of the conclusions reached by David Pinto, points out Flavio. For David, the great solution to keep productivity is to always look for new ways to work. So the last tip of the founder of School of Longitude Entrepreneurship is to look for new paths, research the most modern and evolved methods for the activities that need to be carried out and thus ensure the maximum income at work.

Flavio serves as Executive – director at EucatexIndustria and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Execs of Eucatex since 2005. He worked at SistemasCorretora de Títulos e Valore Mobiliários as well as Citibank, New York. Maluf got his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mechanic Engineering at FundaçãoPenteado University.

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