Focus on Aging: Easing the Whole Process

Focus on Aging: Easing the Whole Process

Focus on Aging: Easing the Whole Process

Aging is imminent, and it can be a very stressful process. Dr. Johanan Rand, a trained medical specialist at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, understand this quite well and is out to make aging easier. His skillset coupled with his passion and need to see happy patient drives him to be a fantastic practitioner.

With aging comes other related health issues; low libido, Anxiety, hot flashes among the rest. The dominant player in some of this health-related issues is a hormonal imbalance. Therefore, Dr. Johanan Rand is a believer in integrating hormonal therapies into the conventional treatments for the health issues.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers that Dr. Johanan Rand co-founded is so much in the mix in the treatment strategies. The programs at the center are tailored that they are patient-centered. So the first step to treating aging and its related problem the patient is made to understand what is going on in the body. The explanations and patient education lower the stress and anxiety, and most importantly puts the patient as part of their own healing process.

Dr. Johanan Rand in explaining the hormonal integration therapies he argues that the levels of hormones in the body are enough to tell a practitioner how healthy one is. A case example of Cortisol or Insulin in which when the levels are within normal ranges then the patient is healthy. Beyond or below which there is a need for patients to have them seen and have them checked. So, Dr. Johanan Rand’s strategy is to return the hormonal levels of aging patients to the standards that are maintained by the healthy patient hence dealing with age-related issues like menopausal hot flashes and erectile dysfunction.

Apart from hormonal integration therapies, Dr. Johanan Rand at his Healthy Aging Centers has put the focus on nutrition and exercise as part of the overall strategy. Dr. Johanan Rand understands the critical role the two have to play to the overall health of a human being and most importantly and aging being. Therefore, he takes time to explain the two appropriately to patients and recommends supplements where necessary.



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