Former Gang Member Fired from Job after Turning Life Around

Former Gang Member Fired from Job after Turning Life Around

Quante Wright was recently featured in his local newspaper, the Syracuse Post Standard, in an inspirational story about how anyone can turn their life around and into something better. Quante used to be a gang member in the Brighton Brigade. The gang is notorious for violence and crime. Quante had been convicted of attempted murder and drug dealing under the Federal RICO act. For his crimes, Quante spent a total of six years in prison. When he got out, he moved to a halfway house and began looking for employment. That is when Quante found his dream job- working as a salesman for Lowery Brothers Chrysler Jeep.

The article on Quante detailed his time in the gang, what his crimes were and how he has improved his life since then. According to Coluna Esplanda, he has become a college graduate and was successfully employed. That is, until his manager read the story about in the paper. That is when, according to the story on, his manager Steve Spector fired him. The manager said that he was unaware of Quante’s past. Quante said that he did not offer the information in his resume and that he was never asked during the interview. Not only is Quante now jobless, he is also facing a violation of parole for not reporting back to his halfway house immediately after being fired.

Quante had a second chance in his hands that got snatched away from him. Hopefully he can find it in him to turn it around once more.


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