Formerly Homeless Teen Mom Becomes Valedictorian

Formerly Homeless Teen Mom Becomes Valedictorian

Everyone knows the statistics about teenage mothers. They’re the ones who drop out of high school, never go to college, and never make as much of themselves as they could have if only they had made different decisions. Trameka Pope, however, decided that she wasn’t going to become one of those statistics–and then she set out to prove it. She says that her baby motivated her every day. She wanted to provide for her–and that’s exactly what she’s on the path to doing.

Despite her status as a teen mom and the fact that at one point, she and her family were homeless, Pope held down a job at a local grocery store, was a cheerleader for her high school, and became her school’s valedictorian. She currently has acceptance letters from more than twenty-six different colleges and more than $600,000 in scholarship offers–an incredible accomplishment for any young lady. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one, but she’s dug in with hard work and determination to make something of herself in life.

It just goes to show that anyone, no matter their circumstances, can choose to make something of themselves. Keith Mann warns that it won’t always be easy. There will be times when they want to give up. But as in Pope’s situation, it’s not always the hand dealt that matters–it’s what’s done with it. Pope plans to ultimately acquire her PhD in social work, a move that will help her make a difference in many lives just like hers.


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