Francisco Domenech: Brief Work History

Francisco Domenech: Brief Work History

Francisco Domenech is from a firm known as “POLITANK”. The aim of the firm is to specialize in breaching business and government. This is a firm that is minority-owned. It has a lengthy history of dedication to the communities we have. We give them support in the forms of charitable giving, pro bono work, and serving the community.

One job that he has served in was serving in the Chief Legal Counsel for the P.R. Senate President. He was responsible for giving legal guidance and depicting before the courts the interests the Senate had. He would also oversee the “outside counsel”, like the federal lobbyists of the Senate. One more example is heading all the work of the “in house”. In that size he participated privately in a scarce hearing of en bank that was done before the First Circuit’s Court of Appeals. Francisco Domenech was formally for three years a Director of the Office. This was for the Legislative Service of the P.R. Legislative Assembly. He served from 2005-2008.

That serves the U.S. Congress’ Congressional Research Service as the” local legislative equivalent.” In the middle of his term , he did many things. One example was extending services that were given by the Legislative Library like giving access to those who are handicapped physically and without sight. Something else he did was joining in the thinking of more than eight hundred legislation pieces. He also, directed an annual budget amounting to eleven million dollars which transformed surpluses in every three budgetary year. One more example is he also smoothed the staff consisting of employees amounting to 130. Something else he was involved in 2016 was take a seat in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. This was called the National Finance Committee.

Francisco Domenech graduated twice at the Rio Piedras Campus located at Puerto Rico. It was there where he received his Juris Doctor as well as his B.A in Political Science. Another school he went to was University College London for a semester where he had taken many courses in the particular topic of comparative law.


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