Garth Brooks Offers to Pay for Young Couple’s Honeymoon

Garth Brooks Offers to Pay for Young Couple’s Honeymoon

When someone gets engaged, it’s a special time. That’s why months of preparation go into planning the whole thing. Typically, it’s up to the man in the relationship to decide on the ring, the when, and the where of the proposal. It’s stressful. A romantic place needs to be picked, the time needs to be right, and the right people need to be notified. There is one man in Oklahoma City who nailed the perfect proposal.

That’s because he did it during a Garth Brooks concert and something wonderful happened afterward. I’m not just talking about the woman saying yes. According to Reddit, Garth Brooks offered to pay for their honeymoon!

During Garth Brooks show in Oklahoma City, the Texas couple got engaged. The man proposed to the woman during the song “Unanswered Prayers” which is a beautiful love song. Garth Brooks received word of what was happening and offered to pay for the couple’s honeymoon. Brooks even stopped mid-song once he learned of the proposal! He wanted to get to know the couple a little bit more.

The wife of Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, even had a set during Brooks show. She again offered her congratulations to the couple. Brooks, being the good husband he is, told his wife he wanted to pay for the honeymoon. She agreed and then jokingly added that no one else could get engaged that night.

Overall, it was a great night for that young couple. Having a honeymoon paid for is great but being acknowledged by Brooks made it that more special. They most likely thought it was something that was going to slip through the cracks unnoticed by Brooks at his concert. His song, Unanswered Prayers, most likely had a special place in their heart. Now, that song will forever live in their hearts.


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