George Soros  Forward Thinking Political Activist And Philanthropist

George Soros Forward Thinking Political Activist And Philanthropist

One of the personalities in the United States who has been in the news for a long time due to this political ideologies and affiliations is George Soros. He is known not only for influencing politics of the United States but that of many other countries as well. He is also one of the greatest philanthropists in the world and has given away more than $12 Billion towards charity in his lifetime. His philanthropic contributions continue to increase each year, and with the recent donation of $18 billion that he made to Open Society Foundations, it has put him in the top brackets as far as philanthropy is concerned. George Soros also funds hundreds of democratic organizations across the globe to ensure that the democratic ideals survive this new wave of capitalism that has been blanketing the world. He finds capitalism as a threat to the humanity and is determined to stop it from spreading before it’s too late.

George Soros has contributed a lot to the society in the past few decades, and apart from the philanthropic contributions that he has made, he has also ensured that he plays an active role in politics. He believes there is a dire need for strong leadership and it is why he has been supporting Democratic Party for a long time. George Soros completed his education from the London School of Economics, where George did Masters in Philosophy. While doing his masters at London School of Economics, he came across the philosophy of Karl Popper, which revolved around the need for an open society in the world. He was heavily influenced by the book by Karl Popper named Open Society and its Enemies. The name of his foundation, Open Society Foundation is taken from the philosophy of Karl Popper.

George Soros has been the part of many controversies because he is not afraid of speaking his mind or doing what he feels is right. He has been an open supporter of the LGBTI community, which otherwise has been facing oppression in the society for way too long. He has also supported movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, which has brought him under scrutiny by the right-wing political parties. The Open Society Foundation works towards building a better and safer society without people feeling oppressed or marginalized. Open Society Foundation reaches out to people and communities across the globe that are marginalized and has been suffering due to the class divide or due to the racism. The increasing cases of racism and human rights abuse have been worrying George Soros and he feels that the government should look into it closely because the general perception of the people changes into accepting racism and class divide as natural.

George Soros says that the few people who have been blessed with abundant wealth should come forward and use their money to help make a positive difference in society. It is the efforts of the forward thinking and wealthy influential people that would help shape a better future for the next generation.

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