George Soros Is Not Donating To Black Lives Matter As Memes Suggests

George Soros Is Not Donating To Black Lives Matter As Memes Suggests

George Soros never said that he is interested in giving money to black hate groups to undermine the United States says Snopes, the website that investigates rumors and urban legends to verify their accuracy. The meme quoting George Soros’ supposed statement is a complete fabrication. While the meme attributes the quote to a newspaper interview, there is no record of Soros ever uttering anything about a plan to “bring down the United States by funding black hate groups.” The quote does not make sense since Soros is a billionaire who could fund an organized, well equipped army to take down a nation if he wanted to, yet the meme went viral.

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When George Soros donates money, he primarily does so through the Open Society Foundations that he founded. The Open Society supports organizations such as the Foundations European Council on Foreign Relations and Global Witness, but no hate groups. Listings of grants to individuals and organizations are available on the Open Society Foundations’ website; Soros is proud of the work he funds to promote free, open societies around the world on On Soros’ own website he talks about founding the Open Society Foundations to help people living under authoritarian governments. The Foundations also advocates for minorities, disabled persons and women worldwide using legal remedies.

While Soros is concerned about public policy in the United States, The Daily Beast reports that he did not donate to the Black Lives Matter campaign as some political websites are reporting. There is no central Black Lives Matter organization to donate to, therefore, it’s impossible to prove that Soros made any donation on, let alone the $33 million donation that conservative media pundits claimed that Soros made. The Black Lives Matter movement is really just a hashtag on Twitter that anyone can use and a loose collection of websites.


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