George Soros Is the Leader of Philanthropists

George Soros Is the Leader of Philanthropists

With Donald Trump’s election, the country has definitely taken a sharper turn towards the extreme right. This is troubling on many fronts. Many voices that were previously silent have now become more vocal. One of these voices is the one of the conspiracy theorist loving alt-right. Many of their conspiracy theories center around one man. Yes, just one man! It is hard to believe, but these conspiracy theorists tend to put a lot of the blame about a lot of things on George Soros, the well known philanthropist who recently donated eighteen billion dollars of his own money towards charity.

This would not have been such a problem if it would only be extreme right wing conspiracy theorists on television and on talk radio, like Glenn Beck. However, it has crept into the United States government, according to The Atlantic, in what seems to be a disturbing trend. A number of Republican senators in the government with ties to extremists have asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to “investigate” the funds that are going to the Open Society Foundations, which George Soros has funded. Steve King, a well known Republican ideologue, linked to a tweet by the extremist Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, about how George Soros is “targeting” Western Civilization. This is disturbing, precisely because Viktor Orban has run a harmful campaign in Hungary targeting one man. Yess, you guessed that right: That one man is George Soros. The Prime Minister of Hungary actually put out billboards across the country in an attempt to get people to hate George Soros. The billboards and posters said Do Not Let George Soros Have the Last Laugh. Many civil rights and Jewish organizations attacked Viktor Orban for this, as this was clearly a way of pandering to the antisemitic right in Hungary. That was proven when a large portion of the posters and billboards were defaced with anti-semitic messages.

The funny part about this is that George Soros clearly does not agree with the controlled from the top kind of leadership that the conspiracy theorists say he loves. He does not even act that way in his own organization! The Open Society Foundations is plural for a reason. George Soros does not control everything from the top. Actually, there are twenty smaller organizations and boards that have a say in everything. So much for Glenn Beck and him calling George Soros the puppet master. Puppet masters do not give over their strings to everyone else.

George Soros is a target because he leads the way for other philanthropists. He is the one who is bringing about the most change. He is the first one to support gay marriage on a large scale, which eventually led to the legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme Court. Bill Gates and the Koch Brothers are just some of the few philanthropists who have taken inspiration from the leader of philanthropists, George Soros.

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