George Soros’s Admirable Life:  Mr. Beck–You have Gone Too Far

George Soros’s Admirable Life: Mr. Beck–You have Gone Too Far

Persons who know George Soros know him as an inspiration with regard to entrepreneurism and realizing the American dream. It tears at a person’s soul to watch a certain individual, wishing to attain high ratings, such as Glenn Beck, make derogatory comments toward Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros has had a long history of fortitude and a climb from that of obscurity to certain fame and influence. He was not handed the silver plate: he earned all of his successes on his own.

He is not a Villain but a Man of Great Social Influence and Single-minded Thinking:

Mr. Beck likes to earn his bread and butter by suggesting, to his audience, that George wishes to dominate the government, and rule the world. Mr. Beck’s delusional presentation of George, as some dictator, somewhat like Hitler, really, is utter nonsense. However, persons become accustomed to tuning into their favorite radio shows and listening to the shows’ hosts–hosts such as Glenn Beck–as a form of entertainment and, perhaps, as a way to get their minds focused away from that of a somewhat dictatorial boss. As a result, that individual, starts to buy into Mr. Beck’s lavish, non-realistic descriptions of persons who lean toward liberal causes. One of those individuals is George. If you ask Mr. Beck, who is one of the Tea Party’s right-wing supporters: he suggests that the eighty year old billionaire is a force, that the public, in general, should consider threatening. This is naturally a way to achieve favorable ratings. It is doubtful that many persons, in Mr. Beck’s listening audience, even know the age of George or any of George’s heroic, lifetime success stories. In other words, it is very doubtful, indeed, that at the young age of eighty years old, Mr. George Soros has his sights set on taking control of any government entity.

Some Reporters Think Mr. Beck is a Bit Anti-Jewish and Others of Us Think Mr. Beck is Just Plain Jealous of George:

The ridiculous comments that come from Mr. Beck, have many reporters thinking that Mr. Beck is anti-semetic as to his behavior. Other journalists and persons think–maybe–Mr. Beck is a bit jealous of George and is using that jealous component in order to achieve better ratings. Whatever his level of reasoning, Mr. Beck’s comments are–yes–political nonsense; and as one reporter put it, may seem very laughable, if he did not have such a wide listening audience–an audience who simply does not have the time or inclination to fact check Mr. Beck on every detail of his Soros commentary.

George has Spent a Good Deal of his Life Supporting Democracy and Individual Thinking:

In truth, George Soros Nazi, spent a good deal of his boyhood avoiding the Nazis. George, being Jewish, as well as his family were forced to manufacture false identifications and participate in other sorts of deception in order that their enemies would not put them in concentration camps and later kill them. George and his family were able to survive the Nazis. Then the Communist came into power. George, naturally, did not like them any better than the Nazis. George Soros set up, as a result, Open Societies, where Communism could be addressed, in a pro-active manner. It was by way of his actions, and the actions of persons like Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan that Communism was taken out of existence; within certain world regions.

Mr. Soros has made his money in the stock market and is a self-made billionaire. He learned early, in his career, that he possessed a natural talent, when it came to the stock market. He was schooled in London; and later resumed his financial career on Wall Street. His parents, both refugees, joined him in New York, during the 50s.

Mr. Soros is very pro-Democracy. He does not believe in a government that has control of its people, rather the other way around. Mr. Beck suggests that Mr. Soros wants governmental control–which historically, as it pertains to Mr. Soros, just does not make any sense.

It is a given that George Soros is one of the country’s most richest individuals. Perhaps, Mr. Beck thinks if he says slanderous things about George, he might become richer than George and thus take him down a notch or two. Who knows? Whatever, no one ever erected a monument to a critic–not to sound cliché–but Mr. Beck: Who are you kidding?

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