Get All Your Sports Betting News from Covers.Com

Get All Your Sports Betting News from Covers.Com

The NFL season and playoffs are now more than halfway through meaning that the Super Bowls are only three months away. Time seems to fly by, and people are already looking past the holidays and into February 2017. Super Bowl weekend is among the busiest weekends of Las Vega’s calendar year. The event isn’t just another sporting gig but an all-day entertainment that appeals beyond the sporting arena.

You can watch the event in a sportsbook, although getting a seat will be hard as many people attend the event. Fans must arrive several hours before kickoff to get a seat. A chair may not be possible depending on the book; hence you may require a good standing room to view the games after kickoff.

Watching the Games

Every social or entertainment place will have watch parties to ensure you have a guaranteed seat to watch your favorite game. Check out to know the lineups and the timings. It is the best platform to get all the juicy information you want to know about Super Bowl. The rates for the watch parties keep rising as more people visit Las Vegas for the mega event. Most of the parties will include food and drinks, and the prices range between 100 and 150 dollars.

Although some entertainment sports are announcing the Super Bowl parties now, the vast majority will do it next year. is a great resource since it shares information on everything you need to know as you prepare for the Super Bowl Weekend.

Staying in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl

High rollers must contact the hosts to secure hotel rooms when they are still plentiful and the prices low. Come 2017, the scramble for accommodation will be real, but you can still get cheaper accommodation at the lower-end hotels. Consider checking your best casino players club accounts for discounts and special deals. Complimentary discounts and rooms will be limited this being a busy weekend.

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl weekend is the busiest for sports betting in Las Vegas. Placing wagers could take several hours come next year; hence you must place your bets in advance to avoid the last minute rush. You should consider mobile wagering to place your odds so as to place some last minute prop bets and avoid the long queues. Consider having an account now even if you are not a heavy user of mobile app wagering. You can just put a few coins into the account, and it will save you tons of time come the super bowl weekend.


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