Get To Know Talkspace

Get To Know Talkspace

For those who are unaware of the online therapy app Talkspace, I am going to give a unique opportunity to get to know Talkspace and the people that work there. Alicia Winkle, a therapist for Talkspace has talked about her reasons for becoming a therapist was because of her own experience of having panic attacks while she was in college. After her experience she changed her major so she could help others in there time of need. She thought the the idea of Talkspace to be a great idea, because many of her patients suffer from depression and anxiety. Getting out of bed in the mourning can often be a difficult task for them.

Talkspace has also assisted those that are in abusive marriages. Ranging from the emotional to the physical. Helping those who have sociopath partners recognize the illness. Sociopaths may act charming then abusive over time. If your in a situation were divorce is the answer record and document everything. It is your life line. Have a plan and stick to it. Sociopaths thrive on being controlling and manipulating. Let therapy empower you. Therapist can help with rebuilding your self-confidence. Talkspace can help in these situations and can allow therapy without embarrassment of going to a therapist.

Traditional therapy can often be hard to seek out even when you may wish to do so. For obvious reasons such as expense and trying to find the right match. This is were Talkspace can really shine. It is far from expensive and you can easily pick and choose the therapist that best works for you.

Talkspace also give the added benefit of being completely anonymous. So there is no reason for embarrassment or stigmas. You also have media sharing so you can give your therapist faces to match with names or share important events or moments. You can also request a new therapist if you don’t like yours. There whole process is quick and easy.


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