Getting the Ninety Nine Percent a Shot at Stardom: Nine9 the Unagency

Getting the Ninety Nine Percent a Shot at Stardom: Nine9 the Unagency

The Nine9 unagency provides resources for everyone who wants to become a star in the entertainment industry. Unlike the usual talent agency, Nine9 focuses basically on those aspiring actors and entertainers that haven’t been picked up by talent agencies. Some of the undiscovered talent are those people that have dreamed of being a star but haven’t received the resources that others have. Others come to Nine9 to discover if their talent is worth pursuing in earnest after performing in local theater.

Taking Charge of Your Career

Many actresses and models appreciate the fact that Nine9 has the resources they need to succeed in the entertainment industry. Casting directors also appreciate the greater pool of talent that they can tap into with Nine9. Nine9 provides its clients with everything they need to succeed from classes that prepare potential talent for auditions and photo shoots to advice on how to nail a modeling shoot and more information click here.

Getting Noticed on Camera

Preparation is key when you start on your journey in the entertainment industry. All Nine9 potential talent goes through a photo shoot as part of their portfolio. The main ideas that the casting directors often look for is the ability to be photogenic on camera.

Potential talent should take care of their skin, prepare their own wardrobe for the photo shoot and bring accessories such as shoes and hair accessories. Parents should bring snacks and beverages for their kids and themselves as photo shoots can last a long time for each look. Smiling is important and talent should practice posing and what Nine9 knows.

Finding the Way to Stardom for the Ninety Nine Percent

Anthony Toma, the founder of Nine9 relates how it was for him as a child. He understand the need for aspiring actors, models and entertainers to have a voice. Nine9 is anunagency because of the fact that aspiring actors, models and entertainers that have no luck in getting picked for a job in the entertainment industry.

Nine9 provides agency reputation for those people who can’t find reputation in a normal talent agency. Nine9 isn’t an agency but they do provide much needed resources.

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