Glen Wakeman- Inspiring Entrepreneurs Through LaunchPad ToolKit

Glen Wakeman- Inspiring Entrepreneurs Through LaunchPad ToolKit

The Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman has been impacting the business world for quite some time. Wakeman has a very impressive resume and has become well known for his mentoring and entrepreneurial spirit. His list of accomplishments is long and includes guiding several startups, the development of M&As and making new performance methods. Wakeman is more than qualified for the work he is currently doing. He has MBA in Finance and BS in Economics (Glenwakeman). His resume includes a number of major leadership positions including being the founder of Nova Four, and positions as President, CEO, and Board of Directors at several places.

Glen Wakeman has a philosophy that his success is built on. He has become well known for a five step performance methodology. This philosophy focus on human capital, risk management, business, leadership power and execution. One of his biggest accomplishments is the creation of Launch Pad. This company focuses on entrepreneurs as they are beginning their business. For about one hundred dollars they help young entrepreneurs come up with a solid plan for their business. Wakeman’s idea for the company came because of the many people coming to him with startup ideas. Wakeman heard lot of great ideas, but few good plans for execution. Thus Launch Pad was created.

Wakeman has become well respected for his writing ability. He maintains an insightful blog where he shares ideas with young entrepreneurs. Many of his posts have inspired people to enter the business world. Topics on his blogs range from management and administration, markets and international fiscal matters. He has been called upon to e to advise major companies like Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Wakeman has also been focused on inspiring innovation and growth. He wants young entrepreneurs to have the skills to make decisions and survive in a changing marked. With his incredible track record, Glen Wakeman is almost certain to continue mentoring entrepreneurs for many years to come.



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