Glen Wakeman, The Ultimate Mentor

Glen Wakeman, The Ultimate Mentor

Today, Glen Wakeman is considered an accomplished writer, inventor, investor, and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs. Wakeman began his journey in business at University of Chicago, where he earned his MBA. Following graduation, Wakeman started employment at GE Capital. During his twenty year tenure at GE Capital, Wakeman worked in a total of 32 different countries while living in six different countries.

Wakeman’s influence became apparent when he was suddenly responsible for managing operations in over thirty different regions for GE Capital. Glen is considered an expert in the development, operations, and management of international business. This led Glen to utilize these skills to educate future entrepreneurs. As an excellent mentor, Wakeman helped guide multiple executives to create start-ups such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Glen Wakeman also has a YouTube channel that provides videos that help entrepreneurs and businessmen achieve their business goals.

In 2016, Glen became curious about the high failure rate for new businesses. He wanted to understand the reasoning behind business’s failures and what could be done differently. This propelled Wakeman to start his own company, LaunchPad Holdings.

The goal of LaunchPad was to reduce the amount of failed start-ups by providing a solution that would support a businesses’ ideas and convert them into business plans. The solution Wakeman offers is called the LaunchPad ToolKit. This toolkit is an online software that helps develop and customize business plans and strategies for clients.

Glen Wakeman has faced many challenges throughout his career. At this point, he prides himself on helping others and passing along information and lessons that are beneficial to people new to a certain industry or business. As one of the top mentors in the business field, Wakeman has guided countless entrepreneurs and mentees in developing a more successful and sustainable business model.


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