Glen Wakeman uses his experience to mentor others

Glen Wakeman uses his experience to mentor others

When you are someone who is trying to get a good start in the business world, it can be hard to figure out where you should turn. That’s where Glen Wakeman and his company comes into play. Wakeman has been someone who certainly knows the business world. He’s been a part of it for his entire adult life. That includes doing business in more than 30 countries in the world and living in six of them. While his longest stay was a 20-year stint at GE capital, he’s had a career that has seen him go from company to company, industry to industry in order to learn something new all the time.

His latest company is LaunchPad Holdings. To some degree, this particular company is entirely different than any other firm he’s been working with. LaunchPad is a Software as a Service (SaaS) firm that is geared specifically towards helping other people get their new companies off the ground. The company is one that provides the ability for other companies to get a start that is quite successful because it allows for the firm to have online business planning.

Glen Wakeman might be someone that is best known in the business world because he has come up with a 5-step performance methodology that is focusing on things that will help a business know exactly what they need in order to succeed. The five-steps are risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution in business.

Wakeman has long been someone who has been viewed as incredibly successful when it comes to investing and teaching other people how they too can invest in order to have real success. He is also someone who has blogged more than once in order to share his unique approach to the world. He knows what it takes for more companies than others. He’s someone who has perfected the art of making money and succeeding in the business world, now he’s looking to get other people to have that same kind of success when they are following his instructions and using his approach. Wakeman is the grand daddy of the investment world.



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