Glen Wakeman’s Blend of Opportunity and Experience Captivates the Business World.

Glen Wakeman’s Blend of Opportunity and Experience Captivates the Business World.

The corporate world has been treated to a mass mushrooming of new business ventures following fewer barriers to market entry than ever witnessed before. These new entrepreneurs are beaming with the willingness to succeed, pegged on their excellent ideas and vision, in the midst of already established magnates. In the wake of numerous challenges facing startups, the new business owners are in dire need of guidance from the veterans, for instance, Glen Wakeman.


Who is Glen Wakeman?


Glen Wakeman is the founder of Launchpad Holdings, a SaaS (Software as a Service) firm that provides counsel to budding entrepreneurs on business planning. What perhaps remains an extraordinary dimension to this is how he conceived such an idea through to its implementation. It all began when many entrepreneurs came enquiring from him, owing to his vast business experience, how to soar high from baby steps.

Roles and Contribution

Glen Wakeman opportunistically put together a question-oriented system, a startup itself with room to grow, aimed at reaching out to a larger group that could not access him. A microscopic dissection of the system unveils a five-step methodology that potentially reduces a business idea to just five first snippets-marketing, operations, talent, financials, and risk management.


The Five Methodologies


As a recapitulation, the marketing section narrows on what benefit a given product can offer to potential customers in a bid to coax a client to purchase the product at hand. The operations wing digs into the aspect of execution, focusing on how the company would meet the intended goal. The talent bit dares entrepreneurs to assess their capacity as well as their teams keenly. The commercial segment, the entrepreneurs, are always encouraged to consider the actual cash in hand against the much needed to achieve the business’ goals. Finally, risk management focuses on looking for faults. Whereas faults are imminent for any plan, feasibility is key to evading detrimental flaws. Minimization of risks enhances chances of success.




With several opportunities available in a business-dominated world, novel businesses rely heavily on the professional guidance of Glen Wakeman’s genre-hinged on strategies and techniques that have been proven.


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