Glenn Beck Twists the Words of George Soros

Glenn Beck Twists the Words of George Soros

Recently, Fox News personality Glenn Beck has run several hour-long programs attacking financier and liberal activist George Soros. Because Beck is on the right side of the political spectrum and Soros is on the left, this is hardly surprising. What is surprising is that Beck has been indirectly accusing Soros of being an anti-Semite in these programs, which is an absurd claim in light of who Soros is and where he has come from.

Soros, who is Jewish himself, was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930 and spent his early life there until he was a teenager. This put him and his family at the wrong place at the wrong time when the Nazis controlled the country. To escape being murdered by the Nazis, George Soros Nazi and his family pretended not to be Jewish and disguised their true identities with forged documents. When Nazism was replaced in Hungary by communism, Soros saw firsthand the devastating effects of that ideology on the country’s national pride and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Eventually, Soros immigrated to London and studied economics. During the late 1950s, Soros moved to New York City and became a financier. He quickly earned a massive fortune through managing a hedge fund and ultimately retired from finance to become a philanthropist and an advocate for liberal causes.

Beck has been taking quotations from Soros and then using them wildly out of context to make it appear as if Soros is against Israel, wants to undermine democracy in the United States and so forth. Because Soros is a public figure and has said many things on the record, it’s extremely easy to find random sentences of his and twist them around to try and make it appear as if he said something he didn’t. Fox News could do the same thing with any other public figure from President Obama to Donald Trump.

In conclusion, Beck’s attempts to smear Soros are ridiculous and malicious. Hopefully, no one will take them seriously.

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