Graham Edwards Steers Telereal Trillium Toward a Profitable Future

Graham Edwards Steers Telereal Trillium Toward a Profitable Future

Since 2001 Graham Edwards helped steer Telereal Trillium to success in a variety of leadership positions. Now he’s stepped up, assuming the chairmanship of the property company. It’s a role he was born for, and his former position is being taken over by Russell Gurnhill, who used to be the joint managing director. Another prominent leadership role changing is the newly created role of managing director, being filled by Adam Dakin, a former joint managing director. Telereal Trillium is excited by the new roles these men will play in guiding their successful business.

The firm, headquartered in London, has many property partnerships, including with the Royal Mail, Aviva, and BT Pic.

In a statement released by Mr. Edwards, he embraced the changes, promising a bright future to its shareholders.

“We have a highly experienced team in place to identify and create value for our stakeholders, deliver great service to our property partners, and contribute to the government’s house building targets in the areas of strategic land and residential development, while continuing to own and manage one of the UK’s largest property portfolios.”

Graham Edwards has worked hard over the years. He helped create the firm in 2001 with the 30 year contract he negotiated with Bt Pic, which saw Telereal assume management for the majority of their properties. This virtually created Telereal, which became Telereal Trillium in 2009 when they acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group. Edwards has overseen massive expansion, growing the firm to one of the largest in the UK. Yearly revenues typically exceed £1 billion.

Edwards held several leadership positions with other firms before landing at Telereal Trillium. He was Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management, overseeing massive growth there. Prior to Talisman he was a fund manager for Merrill Lynch. He’s won many awards for his hard work over the years, including the Tomorrow’s People Awards ‘Corporate Supporter of the Year’ in 2016.



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