Greg Finch; An Outstanding Orthopedtrician

Greg Finch; An Outstanding Orthopedtrician

Orthopedic surgery is the use of surgical procedures to treat medical problems in the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons carry out some orthopedic operations in medical conditions such as spine injury and degenerative diseases.

Orthopedics deals with the entire musculoskeletal system that covers nearly every part of the body. There exists, therefore, a variety of orthopedic procedures each different from the other depending on the patient’s case. The most common of these orthopedic conditions include joint problems and spine injury. These two problems are treated by surgical procedures including total joint replacement and spine surgery.

Total joint replacement is carried out on patient’s with walking difficulties because of joint problems. A significant percentage of patients who undergo total joint replacement surgery operations are those initially diagnosed with acute arthritis. The orthopedic surgeon must, therefore, assess the patient’s medical history first as there might be an underlying medical problem causing the discomfort. Before the surgical procedure, the surgeon first determines broken parts of the joint and replaces them with plastic or metal to normalize joint function.

Spine surgery procedures, on the other hand, are carried out on problems that result in spine injury. Spine injury is characterized by constant back pains which lead patients to seek medical advice. The most common spine surgery is the Spinal Fusion where the orthopedic surgeon fits injured vertebrae together. The operation often returns the patient to good health with better physical fitness.

About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon currently working at Sunshine Coastal Hospital in Auckland, Australia. Greg Finch completed his surgical training in the rigorous Australian education system and has the endorsement of various groups of highly qualified surgeons including The Lucky Country.

Greg Finch specializes in general orthopedics particularly spine surgery and trauma surgery. The highly regarded medical practitioner has partnered with top spine surgery specialists from other parts of the world outside Australia.




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